Welcome to WeCount! Stories, where the migration stories of Ana, Elcidia, Maria del Carmen, Moisés, and Rosa are told in their original Spanish and translated to English. 

These are their stories:

WeCount! Stories Video, recounting the process of documenting and retelling of interviewees' migration stories.

WeCount! Stories Exhibits, showcasing each interviewee's StoryMap, Narrative and accompanying drawings.

Ana - Memory Map / Ana - Mapa de memoria
by Estelio Iglesias

Other components of WeCount! Stories include:

Collection of Drawings, including original drawings by interviewees and drawings from the talented graduate students in the Architecture program. 

Collection of Historical Contexts, including background research on the relevant history associated with the homelands of each interviewee, including the following: Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico.

Collection of Narratives, detailing the full, composite migration story of each interviewee. 

Collection of StoryMaps, highlighting the geographical journey of each interviewee's migration story.

Collection of Transcripts, presenting a transcript of the original interviews conducted in Spanish.

Collection of Translations, presenting the English translation of the original transcripts.